Just like all organisations, health and safety is increasingly important to school sand is becoming one of the biggest topics for the education sector.  Indeed, all educational establishments are responsible for student’s health and safety during their time on the premises.

Many schools have focused on health & safety within the context of the school buildings and surroundings, forgetting the importance of what in business might be termed manual handling. In essence, the school and national curriculum force the pupils to need a number of heavy items to be carried around – which without secure and convenient school lockers place the pupils at risk of damaging their physical wellbeing.

With technology advancing, students are increasingly bringing laptops/tablets to school which can be great for both teachers and the pupils themselves, yet heavy and bulky to carry around. Add a packed lunch, bottled water, some text books and maybe a PE kit and the once light rucksack can easily top up to a mighty 2 stone (12.7KG).

Heavy School Bag Adding up to 2 Stones

(Image from Daily mail)

Students are carrying up to a quarter of their body weight around all day long, which would never be allowed adult(2), so why should students be allowed to be carry all this through the whole day at school, moving from one classroom to another?

Providing school lockers to students can help students lose 2 stones off their shoulders through out the whole day at school, students can easily pick up the necessary items during lesson change and store their heavy and bulky item such as PE kit (which is normally just needed for 1 hour of the day),  and valuable item such as laptop and mobile phone in a safe and security place, also giving the parents a peace of mind too! (Happy parents = happy school right? :))

Atlas Lockers®, one of the most popular steel lockers are one of the best priced lockers  in the market, and perfect for students – strong, durable and easy to maintain. There’s plenty of variety to choose from, such as the number of doors, door colours and lock types, as well as accessories such as sloping tops to prevent litter on top and stands for easy cleaning.

Limited space for lockers inside the schools?

If your school is short of space inside, then you need to start thinking outside the building!  Our eXtreme Plastic Lockers® are made from a tough durable polyethylene material meaning that they can be placed outdoors without fear of rust or corrosion.

Their hinge are amazing strong which can even withstand 3200N (327kg) of pressure before breaking. And there’s no worries about them getting dirty, their made with plastic and designed with drain holes meaning they are easily washed down by a jetwasher 😉

School Lockers will be ideal for Heavy School Bags


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