School Design Innovations to Foster a Culture of Fun

A fun and stimulating environment is vital to enhance the learning experience of every school child. With children spending five days a week in the classroom, an engaging setting plays a pivotal role in inspiring and encouraging the intellectual and creative capability of every child. The days of boring, laborious lessons have been replaced by fun and interactive activities for both student and teacher, and as such, this should be reflected in the classroom workspace.

Make gloomy classrooms a thing of the past with these exciting, innovative and creative ways to enhance your school’s design, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable environment that helps every child reach their full potential.

Let the kids take charge

One way to create a fun and engaging learning space is to let the kids take charge! With children spending so much time in the classroom, an opportunity for a bit of personalised TLC can create a fun, friendly space that will make any child feel right at home. Whether it’s showing off their best work by displaying it on the wall or personalising their school lockers with stickers and their latest masterpiece, giving the children their own input is both an exciting and hands-on way to guarantee a dynamic, interactive and subsequently stimulating environment.

When it comes to giving youngsters more autonomy, this can often lead to a little chaos and added mess. However, by opting for plastic lockers, you can ensure they’re easy to wipe down – meaning cleaning up time doesn’t need to become an even more taxing chore.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Colour can be used throughout the school as a way of creating atmosphere. Unfortunately, many schools fall victim to choosing colours based on practicality – for example, opting for darkly coloured desks because they’ll hide dirt. This can often result in an uninspiring and unimaginative setting.

With the addition of different coloured lockers, wall hangings and furniture, you can create a warm environment that enhances stimulation through a range of lively colours. With colour being thought to have a huge impact on emotion and the subsequent motivation of a child each day, using a variety of warm, vibrant colours throughout the school will ensure a fun, happy and relaxed experience for each child, from the moment they open their lockers on a morning.

Show off what they’ve learnt

Displays are a fantastic way of decorating any classroom or corridor. A visually captivating display can both increase a student’s learning experience through use of colour and imagery, whilst simultaneously serving as an informative reminder of the week’s exciting topics and activities.

Something as simple as a colourful alphabetical chart placed above the children’s lockers or coat pegs can be a stimulating decoration that brightens both the classroom and the attitude of children as they begin a new day of learning.

Make an open space

An open and transparent building design is key to creating a dynamic and welcoming learning environment. The feature of natural light flooding through an open room layout will emphasise the use of colour in the room and boost the positivity of both teacher and child, optimising the overall learning experience. Moreover, an open space means easier mobility and multi-utility, creating a lively classroom that encourages community in an active and fun space.

Schools are the very heart of our children’s education, and as such, should be a fun and stimulating environment. Following these tips will help you design a prosperous classroom that engages school children, enhancing their educational experience and guaranteeing they reach the very best of their potential.

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