Safety and Serenity: Why Your Spa Needs Lockers

When it comes to designing or improving your spa facility, the installation of spa lockers is never quite top of the list. In fact, lost amid the excitement of luxurious new swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas, you’d be forgiven if they didn’t make your list at all.

However, when it comes to meeting the needs of your clients, storage lockers are an absolute necessity for any spa facility – promoting safety and serenity that ultimately optimises the overall customer experience. So today, we’ll be breaking down exactly why your spa facility needs lockers.

Peace of mind

Primarily, your customers are coming to your spa facility for one fundamental reason – to relax.
The addition of some spa lockers ensures the peace of mind of the customer from the moment of their arrival until the moment they leave, giving them the ability to store their belongings away safely and securely.

The assurance that their personal belongings are stored away safely will help to lower stress levels, encourage a relaxed state of mind and subsequently enhance the overall spa experience. This means a more satisfactory customer experience that, overall, will help to increase the likelihood of repeat visitors to your spa facility.

Interior decor

All our lockers come in a variety of colours, meaning spa lockers can be used as a way of enhancing the interior decor of a space.

Liven up an otherwise empty wall with lockers in a colour that complements the wall paint for a more functional approach to interior design. And with our range of waterproof lockers, you can rest assured that the finish, and the contents inside, will be safe from damage.

Health and safety

Health and safety doesn’t have to be as scary as it might sound. Despite some public distaste for national health and safety standards, they exist for a reason and are of undeniable importance to any public facility – so it’s well worth paying attention.

By installing lockers in your spa facility, you’ll be offering a quick and easy storage option for your customers. The alternative? Bags, clothing and towels scattered across the changing room floor. While there are obvious aesthetic reasonings for not wanting your spa’s changing room floor to become cluttered, this would also come with huge health and safety risks.

Placing lockers in your spa facility will offer customers a storage option, reduce the number of items left thrown around on the floor and therefore minimise any trip hazards – so that safety really does always come first.

More space

The vertical build of storage lockers mean they occupy very little room, while simultaneously offering additional space within themselves. This makes them a very efficient use of your spa’s square footage.

Installing spa lockers can subsequently give an illusion of space within your changing rooms through an increased floor size. With an observable connotation between larger spaces and an impression of luxury, this further optimises the overall customer experience.


There’s more to the use of storage lockers than first meets the eye. If this article has inspired you to install a set of storage lockers in your spa facility, then why not browse our vast collection of locker options here?



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