Monster Energy maximise warehouse storage space

Monster energy is one of the leading energy drink brand, well known for supporting and sponsoring extreme sports events such as BMX, mountain biking, skateboarding and snowboarding. As they expand, their warehouse required expanding for stocks, as well as a new warehouse to be outfitted for storing promotional material. They required experts to plan and maximise their warehouse storage space within a small time frame.

Our special team was invited along to visit the warehouse to assess the available space, providing them with our storage/installation expertise knowledge. After our expert team submit their proposal, we have won the project due to the competitive prices, high quality product range and our expertise in managing large scale projects.

Our expert team have made additional visits due to layout changes, keeping quality and quantity control on pallet racking and Supershelf™ shelving system at every stage of the project.

Installation was initially delayed due to the approval sought from solicitors, then Monster Energy have asked for the installation to be brought forward a week for the US management team visit. Thanks to our experienced dedicated in-house team, the project was outfitted with the minimum of inconvenience to the drink manufacturer’s operations and complete one week before scheduled; in total, we only had 1 week to delivery and install 35 bays of pallet racking and 11 bays of Supershelf™ shelving!

Monster Energy Warehouse Storage in Use
Pallet Racking Installed for Monster Energy
Supershelf Shelving System Installed for Monster Energy

After finishing the project, Monster Energy was so impressed with our efficient service, knowledgeable team and quality products, they have increase their order to include mesh partitioning, safety barriers, cupboards, benches and trolleys – the complete range of storage and material handling equipment for their warehouse. We can’t be more pleased to know we have successfully maximised another warehouse storage space and once again, demonstrated our expertise in managing large scale projects!


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