Transforming Your Garage Into the Most Functional Room in the House

We’re all a little guilty of neglecting our garages. Whether we’re using them as a dumping ground for unused appliances and furniture, as a makeshift filing cabinet for an overflow of paperwork, or simply a storage space we only dive into come winter, our garages often aren’t front of mind when we think of home renovations – but why not?

Your garage is usually one of the larger rooms in your house, which means it’s packed full of potential when it comes to creating a dedicated space for at-home projects. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to unleashing your garage’s untapped potential, you’re not alone – and that’s why, in today’s post, we’re giving you our best advice for transforming your garage from under-utilised to utterly essential.

First things first, it’s time for a clear out (and don’t be precious about it)

You may not be a serial hoarder, but chances are there are at least one or two items in your garage that don’t need to be there. From wedding gifts that haven’t been touched since the big day and broken appliances that “will be fixed one of these days”, through to stacks of CDs and DVDs that haven’t been spun since the day they left their plastic wraps, there are bound to be at least some items you can afford to throw.

If you’re unsure whether to keep or get rid, adopt a 12-month rule: if it hasn’t been touched in 12 months, and you don’t have plans on using it anytime soon, it doesn’t need a place in your garage. If you’re hesitant to throw things away that hold value, why not sell them off instead? A yard sale, auction house or online marketplaces like eBay, Depop, Gumtree or Preloved can all find new homes for your goods quickly – and earn you some cash at the same time.

Optimise the space properly to make the most of the floor area

Once you’ve thrown out the unneeded goods from your garage, it’s the ideal time to mix up and optimise its layout to squeeze maximum value out of the available space – with far fewer unused items lying around, you’ll find there’s suddenly a lot more floor area to play with. First, you’ll need to designate different sections of the space to different functions. If you’re short on storage space and genuinely need it, be sure to incorporate some strategic storage that takes up minimal space.

Garage shelving is a solid option to keep clutter at bay – and we stock a selection of different hard-wearing units here at Action Storage. With effective storage, you can ensure your garage doesn’t fall back into disarray once the renovations become a distant memory. Make use of wall shelves, ceiling racks and multi-tier storage to use what’s there to its full potential – and leave as much space as possible for other aspects.

Garage shelving units are a worthy investment if you’re dedicated to practicality – as they’ll stand the test of time. Peg boards, open shelving and ceiling racks can also provide additional storage that keeps the floor clear and the space looking spick and span.


Piece of wood undergoing DIY project


Create a workspace for at-home projects

We all have hobbies we wish we had more time to do – and more tools to do them with. Whether it’s a place to wax your surfboard, produce your own music or test out the latest creative DIY hack, having a space at home you can dedicate to your favourite pastime could now be well within your reach – as the garage is often the ideal place for such a space.

If mechanics or DIY projects are something you’re passionate about, why not use this newfound space to install a worktop where you can hang all your tools and equipment? That way, you can leave your family or housemates at peace while you weld, hammer and join to your heart’s content in private.

Alternatively, if you’re a music junkie who dabbles in production, or a musician keen to hone your instrumental talents, your very own at-home studio is definitely achievable in this space – even if you don’t have the biggest budget. While it might not be the most professional studio going, with some soundproofing, insulation and production equipment, you can transform your once-vacant garage into a haven for you – and perhaps your friends – to jam out in.

Don’t let your garage fall back into disorganisation

Now that you’ve updated your garage interior, you might think the hard work is behind you – but you’d be wrong. It can be easy to let this room steadily slip back into disorganisation, especially if you don’t end up using it as much as you’d intended. Don’t pick up old habits again – make sure only items that absolutely must be stored in there are, and toughen up on throwing out unwanted goods that will only gather dust if left in a corner.

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