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Simply Super Shelving: The Solution for a Cluttered Garage

A cluttered garage can be an all too familiar site for many. We all have every intention of cleaning out the garage, organising it, de-cluttering it, maybe even taking half of it to the tip to dispose of it- but does it happen- I’m guessing the answer is no- right? You need a solution- a simple and efficient unit that can de-clutter and organise your garage quickly and economically.

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Product Review: Supershelf™ Archive Shelving

Product Review

Launched in 1995 as part of our Supershelf™ range, our archive shelving has become a popular product amongst law firms, estate agencies, the health industry and schools/colleges.

Key features

All of our Supershelf shelving system is made from galvanised steel which prevents rusting and corrosion on our products. This is a definite plus point, especially in terms of product longevity as it is able to be utilized for a very long time, and is easy to clean. In terms of its structure, Supershelf shelving bays consists of two frame uprights and a diagonal and horizontal bracing pattern (as shown on the photo) which enables a stable and supportive structure, allowing each archive shelving bay to hold heavy filing and folders, for example: with a 4 shelves level unit, you can hold 300kg per shelf which would equal a heavy load of 2000kg for the whole bay.Please be aware that the weight should be distributed evenly across each of the shelving panels. Shelves can be adjusted with ease using a rubber mallet and simply slot in and out of the poppers that line the frame. Various shelving panels are available depending upon the length you require for your unit.

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Places of work and warehouses are often areas which work best when they are co-ordinated to suit a business’s ethos. We know that many industries require areas to keep accounts as well as archived documents and so forth and often, especially in small companies, space can be at a minimum. What we love here at Action Storage is the versatility of our products. Not only do they meet our client’s needs, but they are a great use for our staff as well. We utilise the efficiency of our products to enrich our core values within our office and warehouse. Providing storage for our staff not only allows us to keep a clean and tidy work area- but it also allows us to understand our products on a much more personal level, experiencing what our customers do on a daily basis.


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Supershelf Warehouse Shelving for Budget Greeting Cards

“Once again, Action Storage’s performance cannot be faulted: they supplied all items on or before the promised dates, playing a big part in enabling the warehouse to open 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Due to their reliable, professional, can-do attitude, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” – Richard Lee, Senior Projects Manager


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Supershelf Shelving Review

The first thing to point out is that, as a modular system, and with a choice of 2 heights, 4 widths, 5 depths, anywhere from 4-8 shelf levels, and a whole host of other options, the Supershelf shelving system is astonishingly customisable. This review will therefore cover only one model – the 2000mm height, 900mm width, 320mm depth, 6 shelf level starter bay – but experiences of other models, ignoring dimensions and shelf levels, will be broadly similar.

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Friday Food Challenge Sequel; Jaffa Cakes (because 10 cheeseburgers weren’t enough…)

For those of you who doesn’t know, at Action Storage here, our team is always up for a challenge! Not only helping our customers maximising their storage space, we’re also up for some food challenges too.

After our Cheeseburger challenge in the previous week (If you have missed our cheeseburgers challenge, you can catch up here:, we have once again challenged ourselves, with something sweet this time; Jaffa Cakes!

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Helping High Street Footwear Retailer in Kuwait

Our team have been very busy lately, as well as working eXtremely hard for our UK customers, we’re also trying our best to help our global customers; destination China, Australia, Dubai and Ecuador, all within the next few weeks!

One of our long term customer; a well-known high street shoe retailer are currently opening a store in Kuwait and of course our team is doing their very best to assist and supply them with great quality product at competitive prices. We will be helping the retailer maximising their storage space with Supershelf Mobile Shelving and staff lockers in this particular store!

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Dubai Supply Chain Meeting Success

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world (1) and, after London, is the second most important international retail destination globally with an increasing number of multinational retailers turning their investment attention to this ever expanding market (2).

Not only did our MD and Sales Manager have an extremely productive meeting with the supply chain managers but they had the opportunity to experience existing stockroom practices first hand.  Whilst current setups may work for the stores, the flexibility and versatility of Supershelf had advantages that were obvious to the supply chain managers providing numerous opportunities to increase stockroom capacities.

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January is typically a quiet period for many businesses, but Action Storage is buzzing as a result of the retailers loving our Supershelf retail stockroom shelving system.  Many retailers are busy planning their fit outs for the New Year and Action Storage is very pleased to have received so many international enquiries.

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Supershelf shelving is one of the most popular stockroom shelving systems amongst retailers because of its interchangeable capabilities, and mobile shelving enables retailers to maximise the space within their stockroom.  Combine the two and you have one of the most versatile and space efficient shelving systems!

One of London’s Oxford Street famous department stores appreciates the great benefits of the Supershelf shelving system.  Our dedicated installation team will be installing around 80 bays of Supershelf shoe box mobile shelving to maximise their stockroom space soon….

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