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Escape the melt down this winter

As soon as snow hits, the country seems to go into melt down. Excuse the pun, but it is true. So when the question came about, how can we help you, the solution for us was simple: ergonomically designed snow equipment. Our tough and durable pushers and shovels will allow you to move the snow from your car parks, driveways and paths and we have a wide selection to suit your every need.

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Hospitals prepare for hard winter

With the tabloids screaming warnings about the coming hard winter, hospitals are busily preparing for the worst winter in many years.  The meteorological science behind the headlines might be dubious (BBC) but it seems that the hospital trusts are taking no chances.

The Christmas from HELL: Biggest winter storm EVER to wreck holidays for millions in UK (Express 1)

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Every year businesses are warned to be prepared for snow, but every year services and workplaces seem to grind to a halt. With forecasters already predicting heavy snowfall, Action Storage has announced details of how its new Winter Preparation Kits can help retailers, businesses, schools and other organisations to keep their doors open throughout the busy festive season.

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