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Organise Your Garage For Summer With Simply Super Garage Shelving

As summer approaches, many of us turn our thoughts to the outdoors. Spending time relaxing in the summer sun, taking a bicycle ride or doing some much needed gardening. We might have forgotten what the warm sunshine feels like and that gets us started making plans for the upcoming weekend. But as the weekend approaches, we begin to remember a well neglected part of our home that has been ignored all winter long.

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Mobile Shelving and Space Optimisation

With the economy growing stronger every month and holiday sales boosting foot traffic and profits, many UK small businesses are beginning to focus on growth and how they can continue to increase their sales in the New Year. While marketing and entering the digital marketplace both have their pros and cons, nothing means more profits quite like purchasing your inventory for less. Businesses that can buy in volume, often get better deals on inventory and can turn those savings into profits.

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How Action Storage Shelving Can Be Used to Store Retail Stock More Efficiently

In today’s economy, with inflation rates soaring and consumers looking for better deals, retailers need to become more competitive if they want to bring in more customers and grow their businesses. One of the best ways to do this is through effective marketing. Advertising your business lets customers know who you are and what you have to offer. It can be expensive and, in many cases, hit or miss, but effective marketing techniques can generate incredible results when done properly.

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20 Inventory Management Questions You Should Be Asking

Despite the increasing popularity of lean inventory management techniques, the ratio of stock to output in UK companies has remained mostly static for the past 20 years. In the US, inventories to sales have actually been steadily increasing since the 2008 financial crash:

This decline in inventory performance should strike business owners as an opportunity. Research suggests there is a positive link between effective inventory management and financial performance, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Lean inventory practices may not be right for all, but companies that encourage agility across the supply chain can reduce days in inventory while increasing service levels.

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The Facilities Show: London 2016

We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be attending the Facilities Show tomorrow, 21st June. This year will be our first time at the show, and we look forward to meeting some of the estimated 11,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors. Visit us on stand R1460 to see our full range of storage solutions in action.

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It’s Our 30th Anniversary!

This year marks our 30th anniversary. For the past three decades, we’ve been supplying storage solutions to businesses, governments and institutions from across the globe. We’ve learnt a great deal along the way; most importantly, that the right storage solution, combined with a sympathetic service, can have a big impact on all sorts of organisations.

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Product Review: Supershelf™ Archive Shelving

Product Review

Launched in 1995 as part of our Supershelf™ range, our archive shelving has become a popular product amongst law firms, estate agencies, the health industry and schools/colleges.

Key features

All of our Supershelf shelving system is made from galvanised steel which prevents rusting and corrosion on our products. This is a definite plus point, especially in terms of product longevity as it is able to be utilized for a very long time, and is easy to clean. In terms of its structure, Supershelf shelving bays consists of two frame uprights and a diagonal and horizontal bracing pattern (as shown on the photo) which enables a stable and supportive structure, allowing each archive shelving bay to hold heavy filing and folders, for example: with a 4 shelves level unit, you can hold 300kg per shelf which would equal a heavy load of 2000kg for the whole bay.Please be aware that the weight should be distributed evenly across each of the shelving panels. Shelves can be adjusted with ease using a rubber mallet and simply slot in and out of the poppers that line the frame. Various shelving panels are available depending upon the length you require for your unit.

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Places of work and warehouses are often areas which work best when they are co-ordinated to suit a business’s ethos. We know that many industries require areas to keep accounts as well as archived documents and so forth and often, especially in small companies, space can be at a minimum. What we love here at Action Storage is the versatility of our products. Not only do they meet our client’s needs, but they are a great use for our staff as well. We utilise the efficiency of our products to enrich our core values within our office and warehouse. Providing storage for our staff not only allows us to keep a clean and tidy work area- but it also allows us to understand our products on a much more personal level, experiencing what our customers do on a daily basis.


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Mobile Shelving Is the Way Forward

For all you retailers out there, Christmas stock can always be difficult to store. With the growing number of customers hitting stores year in and year out, the need to replenish stock is becoming ever increasing. One of the fundamental principles at Action Storage is to help our clients maximise their storage space through the most efficient method possible. We do this by sending out our qualified team who advise and generate ideas that are unique and suitable for your desired area.

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Supershelf Warehouse Shelving for Budget Greeting Cards

“Once again, Action Storage’s performance cannot be faulted: they supplied all items on or before the promised dates, playing a big part in enabling the warehouse to open 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Due to their reliable, professional, can-do attitude, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” – Richard Lee, Senior Projects Manager


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