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How Action Storage Shelving Can Be Used to Store Retail Stock More Efficiently

In today’s economy, with inflation rates soaring and consumers looking for better deals, retailers need to become more competitive if they want to bring in more customers and grow their businesses. One of the best ways to do this is through effective marketing. Advertising your business lets customers know who you are and what you have to offer. It can be expensive and, in many cases, hit or miss, but effective marketing techniques can generate incredible results when done properly.

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Buying in Bulk to Increase Profits

If you are a retailer, or you wholesale your products to businesses throughout the country or around the world, you know that buying in bulk is always the best way to save money on products or materials. Buying in bulk also enables you to make more of a profit on every sale seeing as how you spent less in the first place. For many small to medium businesses, this is how they are able to remain competitive with larger companies in their market.

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Getting the Most Out of a Self-Storage Unit

Making the most of a self-storage unit is an art that some people take very seriously. Being able to pack more boxes, more inventory and more equipment takes practice and some thought but, if done right, you can get everything to fit and still have some room left over. If you are getting ready to load up a storage unit, warehouse or garage keep reading as our “Getting the Most Out of a Self-Storage Unit” has some helpful tips and advice that you can use today. Here are some tips from Action Storage, the UK’s leading shelving and storage professionals, to help you get the most out of your self-storage unit:

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Convenience Brought To Your Doorstep

Action storage will be attending the Birmingham Academies Show and would like to see all of you there. Action storage attends to your needs of storage space without disrupting your day to day affairs; they will come out for a site survey and do all the designs needed and make sure you receive them within 24 hours.

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The Academies Show: London 2015

After a fantastic day at last November’s show in Birmingham, we returned for our second Academies Show on April 29th at the ExCeL Centre, London. The Academies Show is an invaluable opportunity for us to meet professionals in the education sector who can provide insights into how our products might help schools and other institutions. Such feedback is a vital part of our continuing commitment to deliver innovative storage solutions to the education sector.

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Supershelf Shelving Review

The first thing to point out is that, as a modular system, and with a choice of 2 heights, 4 widths, 5 depths, anywhere from 4-8 shelf levels, and a whole host of other options, the Supershelf shelving system is astonishingly customisable. This review will therefore cover only one model – the 2000mm height, 900mm width, 320mm depth, 6 shelf level starter bay – but experiences of other models, ignoring dimensions and shelf levels, will be broadly similar.

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IWF Shanghai Health and Fitness Expo 2015

A global perspective is becoming increasingly important to companies of all sizes. Business abroad offers not only a larger potential marketplace but also exposure to new ideas and solutions that can revitalise stagnant domestic strategies. Our Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Mammoth International Trading Co. Ltd. is therefore seeking to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the fastest growing G-20 nation has to offer (1).

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How School Lockers Could Save Your Life!

Does this look familiar?


The modern school is an increasingly complex institution; between teaching, budgeting, managing staff, monitoring performance, and generally keeping the government, Ofsted, parents, and, ultimately, pupils happy, there is little time for anything else.

However dedicated you are to ensuring the safety of your students, it can therefore be difficult to keep track of the latest safety advice. We at Action Storage consider it our duty to offer you the most suitable storage solutions, and so, if the image above looks at all familiar, there’s still a lot we can do to help you minimise your risk in a fire.

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Marking another Action Storage milestone

Action Storage began in a little unit in Mount Farm, Milton Keynes in 1983.  Over the last 28 years, we have evolved from  simply reselling to also manufacturing which ensures our position as a leading supplier for shelving, lockers and storage & handling equipment to businesses world wide.

Last Friday (1st Aug 2014) marked our 10th anniversary at our current office/warehouse in Wolverton Mill South in Milton Keynes!  This is definitely a milestone for us, especially to those of us who have with been with the team for over 10 years.

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