The modern retail environment is extremely competitive and most retailers are spreading themselves very thin trying to be all things to all people.  Many traditional retailers and established brands are trying to compete with the likes of by increasing the range of offered products whilst simultaneously trying to maintain lean stockrooms and efficient distribution.  Even some high street favourites have failed to pull this off – with sales being hit quite hard (1).

If any company is to maintain an efficient stockroom, they will need to utilise every single inch of it while maintaining order, logic and speed of access.  A fantastic warehouse can save hours of man time but what makes a warehouse fantastic?  That is of course a difficult question, but it’s often about starting simple and then adding innovation until the appropriate level of speed and space has been reached (at some point the time, money & effort being invested outweighs the benefits).   Lets look at some of the key simple things that can be done:

  • Logical order for layout:  get everyone involved with planning layout, you may get some very new ideas.  Should products be grouped by type so that associated products are near each other or by size so that large items are easily loaded or by ….
  • Labels and signage:  use clear and visible signage, try and combine colours and symbols that can be seen at a distance – don’t replace the text but supplement it.  Not everyone’s eyesight is equal and especially while wearing safety glasses etc. (2)
  • Flexible and appropriate shelving systems: try and use the right size shelving for your needs, look at the various shelving accessories – racks, bins, sacks and other storage solutions to ensure that you’re getting the most out of you chosen system.

Here at Action Storage we’re mad about shelving and we offer a number of products specifically designed for stockroom / warehouses.  One of our most flexible products is the very popular Supershelf – a zinc finish steel shelving system that can be customised to suit almost every need.

Supershelf Shelving System

Our standard bay Supershelf are bolt free and simply slot together, the shelves are surprising lightweight yet strong – holding up to 180Kg per level UDL.   Supershelf is available in configurations up to 5 metres high at 5 depths and 4 widths.


Mobile Shelving

If floor space is an issue you may like our innovative mobile shelving solutions.  The shelving bays are mounted on mobile bases which in turn run along floor tracks.  Essentially you can double the amount of shelving available by having a single movable aisle for staff access.  The mobile bases are chain operated with a simple wheel handle.

The mobile shelving is based on the standard Supershelf system and is fully compatible with all of the various add-ons and options including garment bays, dividers and bin shelves.

Garment Hanging Bays

Ideal for the clothing retail and fashion stockroom, we have single, double or central hanging options to fit all areas of the warehouse.  The hanging beam is oval shaped to ensure maximum compatibility with most types of hanger.  All garment hanging bays can be fitted with additional flat shelves and/or bin shelves to ensure that you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Supershelf Single Sided Garment Hanging
Supershelf Central Garment Hanging
Supershelf Double Sided Garment Hanging

Small Parts Storage

Small and loose items often pose a substantial problem with conventional shelving systems, fortunately Supershelf has your back.  You can easily add dividers to flat shelves or switch them for bin shelves.  And remember that all of our shelves simply slot in, so you can reconfigure your shelving regularly with no fuss or tools.

Supershelf Module Bin Shelves
Supershelf Shelves Dividers

Project Planning

Understanding the volume of space available is important to utilizing all available space.(3)

At Action Storage, we offer a free design survey by our experienced specialist team, there’s no hard sell so why not give us a call and see what we can do?

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