Mobile Shelving Is the Way Forward

For all you retailers out there, Christmas stock can always be difficult to store. With the growing number of customers hitting stores year in and year out, the need to replenish stock is becoming ever increasing. One of the fundamental principles at Action Storage is to help our clients maximise their storage space through the most efficient method possible. We do this by sending out our qualified team who advise and generate ideas that are unique and suitable for your desired area.

Working in retail can be stressful at times, but what your staff should not be stressing about is the finding of stock for maddening customers. Black Friday was a prime example of how much chaos is bought to the sales period. In America, there were reports of physical abuse between customers over particular items* and we believe that this could be reduced if stock rooms where able to store larger quantities of products throughout the sale period. Not only that, but a well-organised stockroom is critical when meeting health and safety standards which have been set out by the government and during the Christmas period this can often be over looked while sales assistants attend to the mountains of customers on the shop floor.

What many shop retailers haven’t considered is the mobile shelving system that we stock. They are ideal for area’s where space is limited, and increase storage space by 95% in comparison to static shelving system. Our mobile shelving (also known as roller racking) allows staff to manoeuvre the shelving units with ease to reach stored boxes of stock in one single unit, it is lightweight and only requires a 4kg turning force to move every 1000kg! In addition to this, our labelling system, which we can provide on installation will make it easier for staff to identify stock more efficiently. Much of the feedback we have had from our clients who have had mobile shelving installed, claim that the shelving allows them to keep several thousand products lines efficiently, yet are still able to keep a good working space throughout the stockroom.


diagram of a static shelving layout
diagram of a mobile shelving layout


We understand how crucial this Christmas period is for sales, so why not take the opportunity now to maximise your stockroom space, and change the way your space is utilised for a lifetime.


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