Escape the melt down this winter

As soon as snow hits, the country seems to go into melt down. Excuse the pun, but it is true. So when the question came about, how can we help you, the solution for us was simple: ergonomically designed snow equipment. Our tough and durable pushers and shovels will allow you to move the snow from your car parks, driveways and paths and we have a wide selection to suit your every need.

For those of you skilled in the art of snow shovelling, the professional snow pusher may take your fancy. Fitted with a D-grip handle and a plastic grip on the shaft for control, we believe that this shovel provides ease when clearing large quantities of snow. Simplicity at its finest. Although having said that, snow may not be the only problem you have to deal with but ice is forever a problem as well. With the multi-purpose snow pusher, you can reverse the pusher to use it as an ice breaker. Not only does it live up to what a typical snow pusher should do, but with the blade made of strong polypropylene attached to a sturdy and lightweight handle, we can guarantee that you will be able to clear up the snow with ease.



What we want to aim to do is to overcome the stigma of snow chaos is the UK. Reports from the BBC in 2010 state how the UK was less equipped and prepared for the chaos than Europe and America*. According to the BBC, being prepared costs money, but in reality, purchasing a snow pusher or even a shovel is more convenient to yourselves than if you don’t.
Let’s be logical about this; if you can purchase the correct snow equipment, then clearing school paths and car parks allows students, teachers as well as businesses to overcome the, oh so dreaded, closure that everyone relishes in. We cannot hide the fact that there is joy when schools and work close, but that is only because society has grown to seek enjoyment in the thought of this happening. If we change this stigma, by demonstrating and implementing cost effective snow equipment then we can help to avoid this dreaded standstill. To do one better than all that’s been mention, and I mean, this is really a way to combat the snow, then maybe we can tempt you with the Ergonomic sleigh shovel, suitable for use by two people. Designed with a steel edge of attack and an ergonomic steel handle- how can that not sound appealing to you?



Still not convinced that this investment is worthwhile? Thinking, “my back is going to ache by the end of this”- fear no more because we have a solution for that as well. Invest in a snow plough- light and easy to use and fitted with a plastic blade which allows for bi-directional pushing for up to five inches of snow. Of course, we cannot forget the traditional snow shovels that we believe are just as good as all of the above. Lightweight with a non-stick design, not to mention rot and rust proof, this is a design which will allow for a quick shovel of snow to be meandered from your paths. We like to think about the practicalities of our products, and how they are going to make this winter slump just a little bit easier for your work environment and even your home life.

So go on, purchase one, before the snow disrupts life for another year running – Winter Equipment >> 



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2 comments on “Escape the melt down this winter

    • 2-Sep-2016

      Michael said:

      Hi Mitie Landscapes,

      The professional snow pushers are £17, with quantity discounts also available.

      For more details, see here, or explore our full range of winter preparation equipment here.

      Hope you enjoy a few more months of sun before you need to use it!

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