New Flexible Learning Environments Calling for Innovative Storage Solutions

With the push for schools and universities throughout the UK to adapt to educational trends from around the world, the flexible learning environment trend is growing more popular. School systems are realising that not every student learns the same way or at the same pace and they are making the necessary changes to meet the needs of those students by changing what we normally think of as the classroom.

Now called learning environments and created wherever a child can learn best, these new classrooms offer more ways to see things and more ways to learn about them. Learning environments are now placed in purpose-built modular buildings, art museums, outside arenas, even ships. This new trend has made learning easier and more effective for many students and has posed a problem with storage.

Storing learning resources, gear and students’ personal items has become a challenge for many school systems throughout the UK and Action Storage has a solution. Action Storage carries a wide range of flexible-use lockers, shelving and other storage units making it easy for schools and students to store their supplies in or near the flexible classrooms. Many of our products are designed for outdoor use making them perfect for satellite classrooms that are modular, yet compact.

Outdoor Storage

Many flexible learning environments focus on outdoor classes where many students don’t have desks. These classes range from art to horticulture and are a very important aspect of an education. Outdoor learning environments call for outdoor storage solutions that can handle any type of weather and still keep student and classroom supplies dry and close at hand when needed.

New flexible learning environments call for new, flexible storage solutions and schools and universities looking for outdoor or innovative storage solutions can find them at Action Storage, the UK’s leading storage and shelving unit supplier. Contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you with any questions you might have about our full line of products.

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