International Storage Solutions That Are Easy And Affordable

In the past, when you wanted storage solutions for your commercial warehouse, school, retail outlet or distribution center, you had very few options to choose from. Your local storage solution retailer was expensive but close by, the dealer who was affordable was farther away but their quality wasn’t very good and the selection was minimal at best. So what do you do? Choose overpriced storage solutions that were local or pay less and get less from the dealer that was a couple of cities away?

The Leader In Storage Solutions

Fortunately, there is a better way to get the high quality storage solutions you need for your business without spending a fortune on low quality and limited selection. Action Storage, the UK’s leading supplier of high quality, innovative storage solutions now offers international service and is delivering their locker and storage systems all over the world.

Action Storage has over 30 years of experience providing schools, retail environments, warehouses, hospitals and leisure facilities with the industry’s best lockers and storage systems and has already built a reputation for quality and service throughout the UK and the EU. Their custom tailored approach to storage solutions has made them the number one choice when it comes to durability, innovation and value.

How To Get Custom Tailored Storage Solutions Delivered To You

So, just how easy it is to get storage solutions from Action Storage delivered to your business anywhere in the world? International shipping from the industry’s leading international storage solution provider is as easy as following these 6 steps:

Step 1- go to and choose from a wide selection of storage lockers and shelving systems.

Step 2- call us at +44 (0)1908 525700 or email us at and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable storage solution specialists who can answer any questions you might have about our full line of products.

Step 3- send us a sketch of the location and our CAD team will create a CAD drawing and proposal for your project.

Step 4- place your order with us.

Step 5- we will arrange all of the shipping details including sending the goods to the freight carrier, sorting the custom fees, bonds and duty and arranging transport form the port to your doorstep.

Step 6- our professional installation team will complete the installation for you ensuring that your storage solution is professionally and safely installed and that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Figure 2 SuperShelf Archive Storage Bays

It really is that easy to purchase storage solutions from Action Storage. To learn more about Action Storage and how we can help you create a functional, long lasting storage solution for your business or organisation, contact us today!

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