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Action storage will be attending the Birmingham Academies Show and would like to see all of you there. Action storage attends to your needs of storage space without disrupting your day to day affairs; they will come out for a site survey and do all the designs needed and make sure you receive them within 24 hours.

Birmingham Academies Show Information:

Date: Wednesday 22 November

Time: 9:30 – 4:30

Place: NEC, Birmingham

Stand: E24

Action Storage also does installations after hours and weekends to make the transition period as smooth as possible without disrupting the school day. The lockers comply with all fire hazard regulations, health & safety procedures, whilst keeping the school tidy and promotes the independence of pupils.

The installed lockers, are designed in such a way that it would be easy to add more should the number of pupils increase. Adding lockers to staff quarters will also promote a sense of belonging.

You also have the option to neaten up your school without spending money from your budget as our lockers are available through a rental scheme. Included in this scheme is the installation and maintenance of brand new lockers. Once the lockers are in place, parents will be able to book lockers for a fee and the school will be able to allocate a specific locker to a learner.

The lockers supplied by Action Storage come in all different shapes, locks, sizes, and colours. Some even have the option for the doors to match your school’s colour scheme or have them represent different sections of the school (e.g. year group).

Lockers are one of the many ways learners can express themselves while keeping their personal possessions safe and secure while looking after their body. A heavy backpack can increase a student’s chance of injury to their body that causes inadequate concentration in classes that leads to a decrease in their marks.

Before you dive head first into purchasing a bulk load of lockers, it is important to find the right lockers to suit your school and will fit the look and standards of your school. Action Storage provides a free site survey service where experts in the field come out to your school and discuss what you have in mind and what style will suit your space.

By arranging a site survey, you will get insight on what you need, what style will suit a certain area and the cost of the purchase with no charge or obligation.

Call to arrange a survey today.

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