Proper Pallet Rack Safety Tips

Pallet racks can add more storage to your warehouse and increase your ability to pick products faster and more accurately. They also come with some safety concerns that, if not addressed, could cause injury to your staff or damage to your inventory. Action Storage cares about our customers and we have created this helpful guide to proper pallet rack safety in your warehouse.

Ensure Proper Installation

When installing pallet rack systems in your warehouse, be sure to follow all safety guidelines and install the pallet racks properly. The ground must be level and the uprights correctly mounted to the floor.

Make Sure Loads are Properly Placed and Managed

When loading a pallet rack, be sure the loads are placed on the rack properly and that the loads are being managed for size and weight. Items being placed on the pallets should be properly tied and secured to prevent unwanted movement, damage or injury.

Install Safety Measures on the Pallets

There are many safety measures that can be added to your pallet rack system to help avoid accidents. Pallet safety guard panels can be installed to cover the length of the rack to help keep items from falling down to the floor and injuring someone in the process.

Keep the Area Clean and Well-Lit

Keeping your warehouse clean and well-lit are the easiest ways that you can avoid accidents and damage to inventory or staff. A clean, well-lit workplace is a safe workplace and it is everyone’s job to keep the storage area’s clean and free of debris.

Every warehouse is different and every facility will have different requirements, but these general tips should give you a good starting place to help maintain proper pallet usage and ensure safety for your workers and items. Action Storage offers a wide range of shelving solutions for businesses throughout the UK. Contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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