IWF Shanghai Health and Fitness Expo 2015

A global perspective is becoming increasingly important to companies of all sizes. Business abroad offers not only a larger potential marketplace but also exposure to new ideas and solutions that can revitalise stagnant domestic strategies. Our Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Mammoth International Trading Co. Ltd. is therefore seeking to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the fastest growing G-20 nation has to offer (1).

Our first priority has been to build lasting relationships with Chinese businesses and institutions, and it is because of this that Shanghai Mammoth recently exhibited at the IWF Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo in Shanghai, one of the largest fitness and rehabilitation exhibitions in China. The IWF Expo aims to build the business and trade platform of China’s burgeoning fitness industry and is attended by around 20,000 industry insiders, including national business leaders and distributors (2).

China’s State Council predicts that the country’s fitness industry will reach $800 billion and account for an estimated 1% of GDP by 2025 (3). The number of gyms in the country quadrupled between 2004 and 2012, and growth is expected to continue (4). IWF was therefore the perfect opportunity to introduce buyers and business owners from a growing industry to our fantastic range of eXtreme Plastic Lockers and Atlas Steel Lockers.

eXtreme Plastic Lockers are the complete changing room locker solution, providing unbeatable strength and versatility. A high density polyethylene construction, as opposed to commonly used ABS plastic, ensures that these lockers are super tough and durable, delivering exceptional resistance to theft and vandalism. For even greater security, the unique plastic hinge is capable of withstanding 240kg (529lbs) of force, as independently verified by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA).

Unlike conventional metal lockers, our eXtreme Plastic Lockers do not rust or corrode, which makes them the ideal choice for swimming pool changing areas, fitness centres and other humid or wet environments. Drainage holes at the bottom of each locker also allow the units to be easily washed down with a high pressure hose, making changing rooms a more hygienic and pleasant environment for customers.

Alternatively, Atlas Steel Lockers provide versatile, durable personal storage to dry changing room areas at a remarkably low cost. Whereas traditional metal lockers often fail to provide adequate security to belongings, our Atlas Lockers feature a full height reinforcement bar and metal corner stiffeners to deliver unparalleled strength and rigidity. Behind each door is also an internal four way frame that prevents the doors from being pushed inwards, further increasing security and discouraging vandalism.

In customer facing environments such as gym and leisure centre changing rooms, lockers need to look great as well as operate effectively. A sleek modern design and a choice of striking colours ensure that Atlas Steel Lockers will enhance any space and allow you to express your institutional identity.

Thanks to the hard work of Shanghai Mammoth’s Lilian Li and Iris Zhu, we had a highly successful and enjoyable day at IWF, with an excellent response to our lockers, helping to further secure our future in China’s fitness industry. Most importantly, the warm reception to our lockers, designed in the UK and manufactured in China, serves to emphasise the incredible value of partnerships between our two countries.


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