Investing in Our Future

Our fantastic new forklift.


Here at Action Storage, we understand the importance of investing for growth. Every day we help other businesses and institutions to make the most of their space and, in the process, consider how even the humblest decisions can have a profound effect in the long term.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we have invested in our own future once again in the form of a brand new forklift truck. As one of the largest locker and storage suppliers in the UK, our warehouse is an absolutely vital part of our business, enabling us to manage our stock effectively and to deliver the highest quality products across the country.


‘We are committed to investing in equipment that ensures the safety and welfare of our employees. We also want our customers to know that, by investing in up-to-date, efficient and reliable equipment in our warehouse, we are meeting our commitment to provide them with a quality service.’ – Deborah Davis, company secretary


After considering a number of options, our warehouse team settled on a Hangcha A Series. The Hangcha incorporates all of the modern safety features that we insisted upon, as well as a high frequency MOSFET controller that provides accurate control of movement and improves performance. Crucially for our hard-working warehouse staff, it is also incredibly comfortable – there is even a handle and horn on the back of the frame to ensure comfort while reversing.

We would like to thank Beds & Bucks Fork Trucks, who offered their expertise, and even let us trial the model, before delivering us the beautiful forklift you see above.

We hope that this will be another of those humble decisions that will allow us to continue providing the best available storage solutions long into the future.

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