Desking Is Enabling More Rapid Scaling Up (Or Down) Of The Business

In the modern office workplace, there have been many innovations introduced by manufacturers that have both made our jobs easier and that made them worse. Remember stand up desks and those exercise ball chairs? Two examples of bad office productivity ideas.

But every now and then, an idea comes along that actually has some merit and makes us more productive. Coworker offices was one in which employees, usually entrepreneurs, would use a large office space on a daily or drop-in basis. Another, and one is called hot desking, or simply desking. It involves employees taking whatever desk is available from a pool of fully featured, ready to use desks in an office area. No assigned seating, just check-in and start working. This innovative method is especially important for the rapid scaling up, or down, of a business.

Advantages of Desking

The main advantage of desking is cost. Office managers can eliminate the waste of extra desk space and use desks of employees that are typically on the road as in a sales position. Less desks require less space and startups can make a smaller property work for them. Another benefit of desking is that it makes it easier for coworkers to collaborate with each other and it strengthens relationships between colleagues.

While hot desking sounds like an incredibly productive idea, and it is, it does have some drawbacks. Many workers feel that they are more productive in their own desks where they are comfortable and the surroundings are familiar. Researchers say that the more flexible work environment of hot desking increases productivity far more than sitting at your own desk.

Office Security

Another factor that office managers and business owners have to consider is security. With employees not having their own desks, they do miss out on personal space. A solution to this would be to add to add storage lockers for each employee which will give them a place to store their purses, backpacks, devices and outerwear. Storage lockers are inexpensive and they don’t take up a lot of space which is especially important when space is already at a premium and a business is either scaling up or down.

To learn more about storage lockers for your employees’ security, contact Action Storage today and speak with a product specialist who can answer any questions and help you find premium storage solutions that meets your needs and the needs of your employees.

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