It’s Our 30th Anniversary!

This year marks our 30th anniversary. For the past three decades, we’ve been supplying storage solutions to businesses, governments and institutions from across the globe. We’ve learnt a great deal along the way; most importantly, that the right storage solution, combined with a sympathetic service, can have a big impact on all sorts of organisations.

The truth is, most of us don’t often think about storage. Some even find it boring. And though it’s true that talking about it often won’t get you invited to many dinner parties (believe us, we’ve tried), effective storage can make your working day a lot less stressful and a lot more productive.

The massive success of blogs like Things Organized Neatly also shows that we derive enormous pleasure from putting things in their right place. Whether maintaining a perfectly ordered spice rack at home or clearing a desk of unwanted paper at work, that feeling when things are organised can give us a real boost.

Developed over 30 years, our products have been designed to make feeling organised even easier and longer lasting. Supershelf shelving has an entirely bolt-free construction, meaning each unit can be assembled in minutes, without the need for cumbersome tools. Atlas Steel Lockers offer a whole host of innovative features, including one-touch replaceable doors and lock barrels, to ensure hassle-free management. And our eXtreme Plastic Lockers bring these advantages outside, freeing up space for more important activities at your school or business premises.

Above all, we’d like to thank our loyal customers for their ongoing feedback and support. Listening to your storage needs and issues is what enables us to continue creating the solutions of the future. We hope the next 30 years sees us delivering yet more products and services to help your organisation beat the competition, and make your day a little easier.

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