Ways To Add More Space in Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

If you have been looking for some new and innovative ways to save space in your warehouse for more stock, a new product line or additional materials for a large order, you might want to consider customised storage solutions from one of the UK’s leading provider of industrial shelving and rack systems. Action Storage can create a custom-tailored storage solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Keep reading, and we will show you some innovative ideas that can help you save space in your warehouse or distribution center today:

  1. Over-aisle storage

Storing products and materials above your aisles will give you a lot more storage space without using any space that you currently need. Over the aisle storage takes unused space and creates a wide range of storage opportunities.

  1. Over-dock storage

Just as using the space above your aisles can help give you more storage opportunities, the space above your dock doors can be used as well. By using a standard pallet rack or specially designed over-dock system, you can store pallets, cardboard boxes, stretch wrap or other light-load items.

  1. Go Up

Adding extensions to your existing rack systems can give you more storage space by using height instead of floorspace. Extensions are available that can be bolted onto existing frames in a wide range of sizes and styles.

  1. Narrow Your Aisles

Just by narrowing your aisles, you gain even more pallet space without giving up a much larger area in your warehouse. Stand-up trucks and other Narrow Aisle equipment is available enabling you to reduce your aisle size dramatically.

  1. Change Your Storage Medium

If you currently only pallet rack storage systems, you could be wasting a lot of possible storage space. By mixing up your storage options, you can gain more space and find new ways to store your products more effectively and efficiently as well. You can choose from a combination of shelving bays and pallet racks, storage bays and pallet racks, or all three.

Action Storage can create custom designed industrial, commercial or residential shelving to suit your needs and can help you make better use of the space you have while still giving you the ability to add more products or materials to your warehouse or distribution space. Contact us today at +44 (0) 1908 525700

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