How to Quadruple Your Stockroom Space

With UK rents on business and warehouse spaces on the rise, small business owners are struggling to find enough space in their warehouses to remain competitive and keep their customers happy. With too little space, businesses can’t stock enough products, enough styles or enough sizes to ensure they have what their customer’s need, when they need it. Also, a cluttered or unorganised stockroom makes it difficult for employees to find the products their customers ordered and ship them quickly.

The solution is either to find a larger space or make better use of the space you have by incorporating mobile shelving solutions from Action Storage. Mobile shelving solutions can increase shop floorspace by adding more space for products or equipment above the products already being stocked. Shelving gives business owners a wide range of options when it comes to warehouse layout, how much they can stock and how they organise their products. Studies have shown that the effective use of mobile shelving can increase how much stock a retailer carries by up to 95% over a static shelving system!

Can changing your shelving system really make a difference in your stockroom and in how much stock you can carry? It does if you choose a mobile shelving system that can be configured and reconfigured in a wide range of layouts. Static shelving gives you so much space and that is it. With mobile shelving, you can move the shelving to areas of the workshop or stockroom where you need more space. Whether you need the space for a short term or you need to move products from one area to another for long term storage, mobile shelving can give you the space you need, when you need it.

What could your business do with more space? How much more could you stock and how much more efficient would your stockroom be? To learn more about mobile shelving for your business, contact the UK’s number one storage and shelving supplier, Action Storage today.

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  1. 14-Sep-2017

    Jess said:

    A mobile shelving system seems like a very sensible option for opening up stockroom space. Great blog.

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