Water Hall Primary School Installs Atlas Steel Lockers

“The quotation was very quick, and we were kept in the loop at every step. The installation team were fantastic – very approachable guys and great problem solvers.” – Sam King, School Business Manager

Before a large scale renovation in 2008, staff at Water Hall Primary School struggled gallantly to deliver a first class education amidst broken windows and holes in the roof. Today, Water Hall Primary School is the definition of a forward thinking learning space – a ‘unique work of art’, as described by the young students that study there.

The new school buildings are focused around a large, beautifully ornamented courtyard, which provides a safe place to play, learn and enjoy the outdoors. Tall windows fill each classroom with light, while high ceilings give every child and teacher breathing space. Natural materials, bold colours and a variety of classroom layouts promote wellbeing and encourage positive participation. There’s even a 20kW wind turbine in the grounds, which will deliver a sixth of the school’s energy requirements.

The learning environment is so impressive that the school was given the Inspirational Primary School award by the British Council for School Environments in 2009, and an award for design excellence by the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2010.


The Challenge

Despite all the school’s successes, the administration team are determined to continue building a better environment for everyone. They identified students’ personal storage spaces as an opportunity for improvement. As in many primary schools, the children were hanging coats and bags on traditional coat pegs. The result is often messy, as items tend to fall and clutter corridors or classrooms.

On top of being unsightly, it’s difficult for children to find their belongings in the mess, which means more lost property and more time spent searching between classes.

The school knew that lockers could fix the problem, keeping belongings neatly tucked away, but they had some concerns. Firstly, the new lockers needed to fit the school’s unique design, with a range of complementary colours. Secondly, the school required lockers of specific dimensions, both to fit their installation sites and to serve children of different ages.


Water Hall Primary School classroom before locker installation
Water Hall Primary School storage area before locker installation


The Process

Water Hall Primary approached two other suppliers to find the right solution, but after seeing our Atlas Steel Lockers installed at another local school, decided that these were the perfect fit for their school buildings.

Atlas Steel Lockers have a sleek, modern design and are available in a range of standard colours. They’re also packed full of innovative features, like a full-height door reinforcement bar and corner stiffeners to increase durability, and an antibacterial finish to help keep children healthy, happy and productive. Best of all, they’re some of the most affordable lockers currently available.

After speaking to Water Hall Primary, we sent out one of our storage experts to discuss their specific requirements and advise the best solution. To match the school’s design, we suggested opting for bespoke units, which lets you choose your own custom colour palette. Although we offer both standard height 1800mm lockers and a number of low height options, bespoke lockers also allowed the school to precisely specify their dimensions.

With the perfect lockers ready to install, our experienced designers went to work maximising the space and crafting a detailed CAD plan and quote for Water Hall Primary to review. The school’s business manager was particularly impressed with just how quickly we got back to them.


A CAD layout for Water Hall's Atlas Lockers
A CAD layout for Water Hall's Atlas Lockers


Happy with the plan, the school helped us set an installation date that worked to their schedule, during the summer holidays. A member of our team visited the school to check the buildings for delivery access, avoiding inconvenience or delays on the day. On the set date, our friendly installation team arrived at the school, unloaded the lockers and did what they do best. Though we encountered a minor problem on installation day, our experts thought on their feet and adapted the plan on the spot, saving the school from waiting any longer for their new lockers.


The Result

The children at Water Hall Primary School now have their very own lockers, with four different sizes to suit every age group from foundation to year six. As a result, fewer belongings are lost and pupils can find items quickly and easily – that means less time wasted and more time spent learning and socialising.

Our stylish Atlas Lockers look great, complementing the school design and matching the school logo with custom blue hues. The corridors and classrooms are also much tidier, with personal items stored safely away out of sight.

Overall, the school is extremely pleased with the final result, and we’re proud to have been awarded five stars for their experience working with us. We hope our lockers will play a small role in the continuing success of Water Hall Primary, and that the lives of children and teachers are made easier by their new storage facilities.


Water Hall Primary School courtyard garden
Water Hall Primary School classroom with Atlas Steel Lockers


Water Hall Primary School classroom with Atlas Steel Lockers
Water Hall Primary School Atlas Steel Locker colours


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