Get Ahead This Summer Holiday!

The summer holiday is finally upon us! We hope you’ve planned some well earned time off to enjoy the British summer with family and friends. Or, even better, some time where the sun is always shining.

When you’re feeling good and relaxed, the school holidays are a fantastic time to get ahead and fix those everyday school niggles. In particular, it’s the best time to overhaul messy corridors, cloakrooms or changing rooms.


A messy primary school cloakroom with coathooks

If this looks familiar, we can help your school run smoother


Messy storage spaces slow down your students and staff, as well as leaving a poor impression on visitors. Our school locker design and installation service will lead you through the whole process, so you can focus on the more important business of running a school.

Our service includes a free survey and CAD layout to make sure you’re happy before installation day. What’s more, we offer our very own range of affordable lockers, including low-height KS1-3 lockers, each packed full of innovative features like one-touch replaceable doors and exchangeable lock barrels. Availability is limited,


So call us now on 01908 525700 and quote
for your special summer holiday offer!


And let us push the easy living past the summer holidays this year:


A tidy primary school cloakroom after Action Storage locker installation

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