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Keys Family Day School of Palo Alto (CA) “loves our range of school lockers”

“We received our lockers and could not be more pleased. They look great and the parents love them.” – Keys Family Day School in Palo Alto, CA

“Yours were the best I’d seen.” – Eric from a Californian School

eXtreme plastic lockers have made their grand entrance to the hot and sunny state of California!

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Smaller schools need smarter school lockers

The UK government has unveiled blueprints for new generation of shrunken schools, causing corridors, assembly halls and canteens to shrink in size. The average price of each school is expected to be £14m, £7m less than the previous government Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme (1).

The plan is to reduce the school size down by 15%, yet classroom sizes are expected to be maintained, so the squeeze will bite disproportionately on other areas. Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said “In a secondary school there are potentially 1,000 pupils changing lessons at exactly the same time”(2), when you factor in the additional reductions it will be close to impossible for any new schools to be able to fit any lockers for students in the corridors.

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Importance of school lockers to protect pupils’ security

The security and protection of pupil’s personal belongings whilst on school premises is very important and schools unlike businesses have to shoulder some of the responsibility.  Teachers and staff have a duty of care to protect our children and their property that most establishments do not.

Clearly teachers and schools are legally responsible for any property confiscated from students (2), but they also have an unwritten responsibility to ensure that pupils have somewhere safe to store their personal effects especially key items that are not allowed in the classroom.

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Just like all organisations, health and safety is increasingly important to school sand is becoming one of the biggest topics for the education sector.  Indeed, all educational establishments are responsible for student’s health and safety during their time on the premises.

Many schools have focused on health & safety within the context of the school buildings and surroundings, forgetting the importance of what in business might be termed manual handling. In essence, the school and national curriculum force the pupils to need a number of heavy items to be carried around – which without secure and convenient school lockers place the pupils at risk of damaging their physical wellbeing.

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As we advance in the digital world of wonders, it’s important for schools and colleges to keep up-to-date with the modern technologies and be able to educate the young generation with extra tools and resources.

Unfortunately, like many things that have a good side there’s also a downside – expensive IT equipment also makes schools a prime target for theft; mobile devices are a particular risk as they can be easily concealed and removed from a building if effective security measures are not in place.

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New youtube video up. The third and final episode of our three part series finds the intrepid Fiona Kelly chatting to the scary school caretaker Mr Finch.

“Hello and welcome once again to the High School. I’m Fiona Kelly and I’ll be talking to Mr Finch the school’s caretaker about why Atlas Lockers are the lockers of choice for schools and other organisations. What made you choose Atlas Lockers over other lockers available?”

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New youtube video up. The second episode of our three part series finds the courageous Fiona Kelly chatting to the school bursar Mr Thrifty (with that name his career was almost pre-destined).

“Hello and welcome back to the High School, I’m Fiona Kelly and I would like to introduce Mr Thrifty, the school’s bursar. Hello Mr Thrifty.
So tell me, what made you choose Atlas Lockers over other lockers available?”

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New youtube video up. In the first of a three part series into school lockers our reporter Fiona Kelly chats to the local ‘friendly’ Headmistress on why she chose the Atlas Lockers.

“Hello and welcome to the High School, I’m Fiona Kelly and I am joined by Mrs McClousky. We are here to find out what Mrs McClousky thinks about her new Atlas Lockers.”

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The deadline for schools to spend the remainder of their 2011/2012 budget is fast approaching. In response, storage equipment specialist Action Storage has announced details of how its innovative and cost effective locker range can enable schools to stretch their budget further and gain durable, secure storage facilities for their pupils.  Action Storage’s eXtreme® Plastic Locker offers unique space saving and security benefits for schools.Made from hard wearing polyethylene, eXtreme® Plastic Lockers are rust proof and weather resistant, enabling them to be stacked next to swimming pools or outdoors under cover, freeing up valuable corridor space. Made from hard wearing plastic, eXtreme® Plastic Lockers can be spray cleaned with a high pressure hose and left to dry, making them an exceptionally hygienic option. With the security of pupil’s possessions a top priority, eXtreme® Plastic Lockers are far more secure and vandal resistant than conventional lockers. The hinges are able to withstand up to 3200 N (327kg) of pressure while the doors can resist break in attempts with a clawhammer.For schools that need to stretch their budget as far as possible, Action Storage also supplies Atlas® Steel Lockers. Available from stock for as little as £59 (+VAT), these lockers are an economic and practical option. Made from robust steel and with reinforced doors, Atlas® Steel Lockers offer durable storage that’s able to withstand the hustle and bustle of school life. Atlas® Steel Lockers are also available in a variety of door sizes, lock options and have an antibacterial powder coated finish. Along with eXtreme® Plastic Lockers and Atlas® Steel Lockers, Action Storage supplies a extensive array of equipment for schools, including cycle shelters, litter bins and laptop charging trolleys. This wide range reflects Action Storage’s long standing relationship with the education sector, having supplied and installed storage equipment in over 800 schools, colleges and universities over the last 25 years. Action Storage also proactively monitors market prices to ensure it is offering the most cost effective options for schools in this tough economic climate.Details of Action Storage’s complete product range for schools and the 4000 other products in its warehouse can be found on its website, where you can order its 220 page catalogue free of charge.  Any orders placed online receive a 5% discount and schools can place orders on credit with a valid purchase 

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