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Plastic Lockers vs. Metal Lockers: Finding the Storage Solution for You

When you’re searching for a secure storage solution, the many benefits of both plastic lockers and metal lockers can mean it’s difficult to know what’s the best storage solution for your environment. Both locker types have distinct benefits, but in today’s post, we’ll be looking into the key advantages of each – so that you can make an informed decision and select the right fit for your organisation.

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5 Ways Students Benefit From School Lockers

Far from simply being a ‘nice-to-have’, school lockers offer a great deal to students, teachers and parents beyond serving as a secure place for students to keep their things over the course of the school day.

With additional benefits ranging from increased independence and essential life lessons to back pain relief, in today’s post, we’ll be exploring five of the many ways students benefit from having easy access to school lockers.

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Newly Refurbished Newcastle High School Chooses eXtreme

“The installation team were very accommodating of the fact that the canopy installation was not as per design and that the locker layout needed to be revised to suit.” – John Crosby, Director of Finance and Operations

Newcastle High School for Girls is one of the country’s leading independent girls’ schools, formed from the merger of Central Newcastle High School and Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School in 2014. The school is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a network of 24 leading independent schools and two academies that educate 20,000 students from ages 3-18.

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Water Hall Primary School Installs Atlas Steel Lockers

“The quotation was very quick, and we were kept in the loop at every step. The installation team were fantastic – very approachable guys and great problem solvers.” – Sam King, School Business Manager

Before a large scale renovation in 2008, staff at Water Hall Primary School struggled gallantly to deliver a first class education amidst broken windows and holes in the roof. Today, Water Hall Primary School is the definition of a forward thinking learning space – a ‘unique work of art’, as described by the young students that study there.

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Revealed: What’s Wrong with Britain’s Education System

At Action Storage, we conducted an online study to find out where Brits believe our education system is falling short. With options covering everything from increased government funding and dealing with bad behaviour to simplifying the exam process and adopting a more eco-friendly approach, we wanted to find out where Brits think schools could be improved most.

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Get Ahead This Summer Holiday!

The summer holiday is finally upon us! We hope you’ve planned some well earned time off to enjoy the British summer with family and friends. Or, even better, some time where the sun is always shining.

When you’re feeling good and relaxed, the school holidays are a fantastic time to get ahead and fix those everyday school niggles. In particular, it’s the best time to overhaul messy corridors, cloakrooms or changing rooms.

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The Academies Show: London 2016

Photo by Herry Lawford / CC BY 2.0


A new year means another two Academies Shows to look forward to. Each show is an unparalleled opportunity for us to catch up with our customers and keep abreast of the latest developments in the education sector. This year’s first show, held at ExCeL London, was focused on the big issues, with keynotes from Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, and Tom Clark, Chairman of the Board at FASNA.

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Unbeknown to many, colours can have a huge impact on our emotions, behaviour and even our psychic abilities. Many cultures have philosophies on the power certain colours can bring to your life. For example, according to Hindu mythology, the colour red denotes bravery, protection and strength- core values that engulf their belief system. The colour red is used throughout every aspect of Hindu culture, from weddings, to temples, to even the colour of the bindi that is normally pasted on their heads.

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