Transforming Your Garage Into the Most Functional Room in the House

We’re all a little guilty of neglecting our garages. Whether we’re using them as a dumping ground for unused appliances and furniture, as a makeshift filing cabinet for an overflow of paperwork, or simply a storage space we only dive into come winter, our garages often aren’t front of mind when we think of home renovations – but why not?

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School Design Innovations to Foster a Culture of Fun

A fun and stimulating environment is vital to enhance the learning experience of every school child. With children spending five days a week in the classroom, an engaging setting plays a pivotal role in inspiring and encouraging the intellectual and creative capability of every child. The days of boring, laborious lessons have been replaced by fun and interactive activities for both student and teacher, and as such, this should be reflected in the classroom workspace.

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Desking Is Enabling More Rapid Scaling Up (Or Down) Of The Business

In the modern office workplace, there have been many innovations introduced by manufacturers that have both made our jobs easier and that made them worse. Remember stand up desks and those exercise ball chairs? Two examples of bad office productivity ideas.

But every now and then, an idea comes along that actually has some merit and makes us more productive. Coworker offices was one in which employees, usually entrepreneurs, would use a large office space on a daily or drop-in basis. Another, and one is called hot desking, or simply desking. It involves employees taking whatever desk is available from a pool of fully featured, ready to use desks in an office area. No assigned seating, just check-in and start working. This innovative method is especially important for the rapid scaling up, or down, of a business.

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Organise Your Garage For Summer With Simply Super Garage Shelving

As summer approaches, many of us turn our thoughts to the outdoors. Spending time relaxing in the summer sun, taking a bicycle ride or doing some much needed gardening. We might have forgotten what the warm sunshine feels like and that gets us started making plans for the upcoming weekend. But as the weekend approaches, we begin to remember a well neglected part of our home that has been ignored all winter long.

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Benefits of Lockers For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others work very hard to keep us healthy and to help us get well when we are sick or injured. They have a very important job and, in many hospitals, you will notice that the medical team all have different coloured uniforms, or “scrubs” as many call them. Doctors might have blue scrubs with white lab coats, while lab technicians might have a different colour and nurses an entirely different colour as well. This helps staff and patients denote who is who and what medical professional can help them the most when they need it.

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Poolside Problem-Solving: Designing Safe & Secure Public Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools are a staple of communities both in the US and across the pond in the UK, offering families a fun way to socialise and exercise, and a place for competitive swimmers to practice. Like any area where exercise is involved, there’s always an element of safety risk, but this can be minimised with careful planning and construction. Luckily, in today’s post, we’re diving deep into swimming pool design – giving you our team’s essential advice for planning safe, secure and practical public pools.

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How To: Harness Retail Stockroom Hacks in Your Restaurant

For stores, retail merchandising is a great way to maximise sales and generate interest by transforming a typical shopping experience into a methodically guided tour of a retailer’s products. Employing retail merchandising techniques to your restaurant’s stockroom is a great way to simplify employee duties and optimise the cooking and preparation process.

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Gym Storage Solutions: Optimising Workout Areas

With more and more of the general public becoming increasingly conscious of their physical health, gyms are cropping up across the UK at breakneck speed – but with fierce competition between facilities, how can a new or existing gym take steps to stand out from the crowd?

Storage plays a central role in any gym, whether private or public – giving owners an opportunity to maximise space, promote health and safety, properly maintain expensive equipment and offer secure spaces for clients to store possessions. It’s because of this that we believe storage can make or break a gym’s reputation – and therefore its bottom line.

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The Optimised Hotel: Secrets to a Streamlined Guest Experience

The 23rd of July marks the official start date of British school children’s summer break which, for many in the hotel and leisure industry, means only one thing – the year’s busiest season has finally begun.

With just over a month to go, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about future-proofing your hotel for the peak seasons to come. In today’s post, we’re encouraging hotel owners, managers and interior designers everywhere to start thinking about how to ensure their hotel is as streamlined as possible. With our help, you can begin optimising the experiences of all guests in time for the busy summer season.

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Inviting Technology Into the Classroom: 3 School Tech Integration Hacks

When you think of 21st-century, tech-savvy students, do you think of university undergraduates or primary school pupils? At Action Storage, we believe both categories, and in fact every type of student in between these groups, should be recognised as tech-savvy in 2018.

As a society, we’ve progressed in terms of our integration of technology into the modern classroom – educating the next generation, and teachers alike, on transferable skills that will benefit their personal development in a culture that’s becoming more technologically aware every day.

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