Gym Storage Solutions: Optimising Workout Areas

With more and more of the general public becoming increasingly conscious of their physical health, gyms are cropping up across the UK at breakneck speed – but with fierce competition between facilities, how can a new or existing gym take steps to stand out from the crowd?

Storage plays a central role in any gym, whether private or public – giving owners an opportunity to maximise space, promote health and safety, properly maintain expensive equipment and offer secure spaces for clients to store possessions. It’s because of this that we believe storage can make or break a gym’s reputation – and therefore its bottom line.

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The Optimised Hotel: Secrets to a Streamlined Guest Experience

The 23rd of July marks the official start date of British school children’s summer break which, for many in the hotel and leisure industry, means only one thing – the year’s busiest season has finally begun.

With just over a month to go, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about future-proofing your hotel for the peak seasons to come. In today’s post, we’re encouraging hotel owners, managers and interior designers everywhere to start thinking about how to ensure their hotel is as streamlined as possible. With our help, you can begin optimising the experiences of all guests in time for the busy summer season.

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Inviting Technology Into the Classroom: 3 School Tech Integration Hacks

When you think of 21st-century, tech-savvy students, do you think of university undergraduates or primary school pupils? At Action Storage, we believe both categories, and in fact every type of student in between these groups, should be recognised as tech-savvy in 2018.

As a society, we’ve progressed in terms of our integration of technology into the modern classroom – educating the next generation, and teachers alike, on transferable skills that will benefit their personal development in a culture that’s becoming more technologically aware every day.

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The Importance of Stock in Retail Customer Experience

While many small business owners think that providing good customer service is the key to creating a memorable customer experience, for many customers, the key is in your stockroom. Having the products your customers want in stock and ready for them to take home is shown to be something customers want more than a friendly smile or a welcoming greeting when they enter your store. Could this be a result of the internet and how easy it is to order products and have them shipped right to your door, or could it be something else?

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Optimise Your Office to Perfection with These Layout Updates

Office layout has long been a hot-button issue amongst companies and workplace design experts alike. It is, after all, a place where many people spend most of their day, and, with a few tweaks, it can become a much more productive, peaceful place.

Updating the layout of your office doesn’t have to be daunting, and can have a huge positive impact on your company’s output and employee happiness. Below, we’ve listed a few easy updates and considerations that business owners and managers across the globe can implement to transform their office space into a hotbed of productivity.

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School Safety and Lockers

Children spend much of their time at school learning, playing and socialising. It is important for both school management and parents to ensure they provide a highly secure learning environment for students as, in many situations, school can be a risky area for students with bullying, sexual harassment and physical violence present. Theft is another problem that can occur in today’s schools and it is no longer possible for parents to have blind trust in the school institution. Today, it’s very common for students to bring expensive items to school including smartphones and laptops and most schools do regulate the use of such devices. Although smartphones are not allowed inside the classroom, students can still use their devices in the hall or during breaks.

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Office Design Trends for 2018

Today’s workforce spends on average 8-10 hours or more inside the workplace. This makes office interior design and functionality even more important, especially if management and business owners want happier, healthier employees. Comfort and convenience are essential, but these factors are often not the primary concerns of many business owners as they are more concerned with costs and making the most out of the available space. Keeping a good balance between cost savings and the latest design cues is important and one of the best ways to increase productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the latest design cues that we will see in 2018.

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5 Retail Design Hacks To Revolutionise Your Profitability

If you’re a retailer looking to maximise the performance of your physical store, you’ll know there are a world of factors which contribute to a shop that operates efficiently and makes a healthy profit. From overall shop layout and shelving options to knowing how to position and promote your merchandise, this post will help you get one step closer to a brick-and-mortar store that runs like a well-oiled machine and has the revenue to prove it.

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3 Tips for Reducing Mistakes While Maintaining Productivity In Your Storage Warehouse

Reducing mistakes in your storage warehouse is likely one of your main priorities as a warehouse manager or supervisor. But considering the equally important need to maintain productivity, it can be difficult to find a balance between these two crucial priorities.

So, how do you encourage a reduction in mistakes while maintaining productivity in your storage warehouse?

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Ways To Add More Space in Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

If you have been looking for some new and innovative ways to save space in your warehouse for more stock, a new product line or additional materials for a large order, you might want to consider customised storage solutions from one of the UK’s leading provider of industrial shelving and rack systems. Action Storage can create a custom-tailored storage solution to suit your needs and your budget.

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